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The Northern Shaolin Long Fist and Chinese Swai Jiao Connection
The Northern Shaolin Long Fist and Chine[...]
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Traditional Martial Arts for Modern Times

Shifu James Chin, Jett-Mahas been a Martial Artist for more than forty (40) years.  

In 1971, Shifu Chin’s Kung Fu instructor Grand Master Jeng, Hsing- Ping was acknowledged as the 1st person to publicly teach Chinese Swai Jiao in the USA. GM Jeng, Hsing-ping began practicing Bao-Ding Swai Jiao (Shuai Chiao) with Great GM Chang, Tung-sheng in China. From 1954 to 1967 GM Jeng was the Assistant Head Swai Jiao Instructor under GM Chang at the Taiwan Central Police College. During this time, GM Jeng, Hsing-Ping held the title of Taiwan National Swai Jiao Champion three times. After relocating to the USA, GM Jeng taught traditional Chinese Swai Jiao from 1971 until 1994. He personally trained and certified only seven (7) students at Hong Ning House in NYC Chinatown as Black Belt level instructors. GM Jeng officially "closed his door" in 1996 when Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man moved to California. Subsequently, Shifu Chin trained and certified two (2) Black Belt level instructors on the West Coast - Mintai Henry Tang and Josh Newman. Shifu Chin returned to NYC in 2011 to carry-on the Chinese Swai Jiao Association and author the Swai Jiao book with GM Jeng, Hsing-Ping.


In 1986 Shifu Chin created the Chinese Swai Jiao Basic Training Essentials form 摔 跤 基 礎 訓 練 “Swai Jiao Gee Chu Shun Lien” a/k/a “Yi Lu Swai Jiao” form to begin standardizing the SJ training curriculum for the Chinese Swai Jiao Association.  Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man was honored in 2009 by GM Jeng, Hsing-Ping who presented his personal Swai Jiao jacket in a public ceremony designating Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man as the lineage holder for the Chinese Swai Jiao Association.  


Shifu Chin was also trained and authorized by Master Nelson Tsou, Yen-Kai at the Shaolin 5 Tiger Martial Arts Center to teach Traditional Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist Kung Fu.  Master Tsou was the senior classmate of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming who is renowned worldwide as a prominent Kung Fu Master and author. They are both disciples of Great GM Li, Mao-Ching.

Master Nelson Tsou, Yen-Kai authored & published the Essence of Lien Bu Chuan.  “Essence of Lien Bu Chuan” is a collaborative effort by Master Tsou, Artie Aviles, and James Man Chin.

The foundation of traditional Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu is the Lien Bu Chuan (Continuous Linking Step Fist) form. This famous Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu form has 36 movements and over 70 applications for self-defense. Some of the movements have their origins from Taiji like “Embracing the Taiji Sphere”; “Double Push”; and “Double Spread & Suspend”.


Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man studied various styles of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong with Master Steven Tsao; and with Master Li, Shu-dong and others.  Shifu Chin is authorized to teach both the health benefits and martial applications of the Beijing Yang Style 24 Taiji form. Subsequently, Shifu Chin established Taiji Mind-Balance-Motion primarily for seniors. The applications of Taiji MBM focuses on Taiji kinesiology and physiology concepts and techniques for Fall Prevention and Fall Risk Reduction programs to develop physical strength, balance, mobility and endurance. 


Shifu Chin, Jett-Man has served as a National Advisor, District Chairman, and a National Executive Board Member for the AAU Chinese Martial Arts Division; and as an Official for National and International Martial Arts Tournaments. Shifu Chin was also  a Chapter President for the American Society of Safety Engineers and recipient of  their 2015 Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) award; and has achieved Certification as a Safety & Security Professional.


Many of Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man's students have won 1st place at National and International Martial Arts Tournaments for forms, weapons and full contact competions. 


The door is open for the next generation ...


contact:  Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man

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